KTM 890 SMT PowerParts & Accessories

The KTM 890 SMT is a versatile and exciting sport-touring motorcycle designed to conquer both urban streets and winding roads with equal ease. KTM offers a wide range of KTM PowerParts accessories to enhance the 890 SMT's performance, comfort, and style.

For improved touring comfort, KTM PowerParts provides ergonomic accessories like adjustable seats, handlebars, and footpegs, allowing riders to find their ideal riding position for long journeys. Additionally, windshields and wind deflectors are available to reduce fatigue and improve aerodynamics on highways.

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To enhance the bike's sporty character, KTM offers various performance upgrades, including high-performance exhaust systems, engine tuning kits, and upgraded air filters. These upgrades boost the 890 SMT's power output, providing thrilling acceleration and sharper throttle response.

For added protection and safety, KTM PowerParts includes crash protection accessories like engine guards, frame sliders, and axle sliders, safeguarding the bike in case of unforeseen incidents.

To suit the rider's personal style, KTM PowerParts offers various styling accessories like decals, graphics kits, and carbon fibre parts, allowing owners to add a touch of uniqueness to their 890 SMT.

Additionally, luggage systems such as panniers and top cases are available to increase the bike's carrying capacity, making it even more suitable for adventurous touring journeys.

With the wide range of KTM PowerParts available for the 890 SMT, riders can personalize their motorcycle to match their preferences, whether it's for spirited rides, long-distance touring, or simply to stand out in the crowd. The KTM 890 SMT, equipped with KTM PowerParts, delivers a thrilling and comfortable riding experience for those seeking the best of both sport and touring worlds.