KTM 890 Duke GP PowerParts & Accessories

The KTM 890 Duke GP is a cutting-edge and race-inspired naked motorcycle designed for riders seeking an ultimate performance experience on the road and the track. Powered by a high-performance 890cc parallel-twin engine, the 890 Duke GP delivers an exhilarating blend of power and agility, making it a formidable machine for both street riding and spirited track days.

To further enhance the performance and racing capabilities of the KTM 890 Duke GP, a wide range of KTM PowerPart accessories is available. Performance upgrades include advanced exhaust systems, performance air filters, and engine tuning kits, which optimize the engine's power delivery and response for top-notch performance on the track.

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For riders aiming to optimize their bike's handling, suspension components like fully adjustable forks and rear shock absorbers are available, allowing riders to fine-tune the suspension settings to suit their riding style and track conditions.

Cosmetic accessories like carbon fibre parts, lightweight body panels, and race-inspired graphics kits are available, giving the KTM 890 Duke GP a distinctive and aggressive appearance that reflects its racing pedigree.

Additionally, track-focused accessories like rear sets, quick shifters, and adjustable levers are offered, providing the rider with increased control and precision during aggressive riding.

The KTM 890 Duke GP, with its range of PowerPart accessories, offers riders an exceptional and race-ready machine that delivers thrilling performance and outstanding handling for the most spirited riding experiences on the road and the track.