KTM 1390 Super Duke R PowerParts & Accessories

For enthusiasts of the KTM 1390 Super Duke R, the assortment of PowerParts and accessories available is akin to a treasure trove for customizing and enhancing one's motorcycle. Each item in the collection has been meticulously designed to complement the aggressive stance and performance of the Super Duke R, ensuring that riders can personalize their bike to their individual style and riding preferences.

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The collection includes a range of options to enhance performance, from components that reduce weight to those that boost engine output and improve aerodynamics. Comfort isn't overlooked, either, with accessories that elevate the riding experience for both daily commutes and long-haul adventures. These PowerParts are more than just add-ons; they are integral pieces that bring out the best in this already formidable machine.

Aesthetically, the accessories available capture the essence of the Super Duke R's design language. From sleek bodywork enhancements to ergonomic upgrades, each element has been crafted to enhance the bike's muscular appearance and rider interaction. The visual appeal is matched by practicality, ensuring that each addition serves a purpose beyond mere looks.

Safety and maintenance items are also part of the collection, offering riders peace of mind and helping to keep their Super Duke R in peak condition. Whether it's through high-grade protection components or specialized cleaning kits, maintaining the bike's condition is made easier and more accessible.

With this collection, every ride becomes an opportunity to showcase a unique and personalized Super Duke R, built for performance, style, and individual expression.